About Me

Hi! I’m Bre, Founder of The Positive Change Co.

I’m a small town American gal with huge dreams. For a long time, that’s all they were – dreams. But in March 2015, after finishing my Master’s Degree in Digital Media from the University of Washington, I decided to stop dreaming and start making shit happen!

I bought a one-way ticket to Thailand, and started my journey to digital nomadism and traveling the world!

I launched a travel blog and backpacked my way around Southeast Asia, and then ended up accepting a remote job offer in Australia. I spent the next year living and traveling around Australia while working from guest houses, hotels, cafes, and everything in between.

When I returned back to America after 14 months abroad, I moved to California (from Seattle) and decided to stay put in one place for 6 months so I could focus on building The Positive Change Co.