About Me

Hi! I’m Bre, Founder of The Positive Change Co.

I’m a small town American gal with huge dreams. For a long time, that’s all they were – dreams. But in March 2015, after finishing my Master’s Degree in Digital Media from the University of Washington, I decided to stop dreaming and start making shit happen!

I bought a one-way ticket to Thailand, and started my journey to digital nomadism and traveling the world!

I launched a travel blog and backpacked my way around Southeast Asia, and then ended up accepting a remote job offer in Australia. I spent the next year living and traveling around Australia while working from homestays, hostels, cafes, and everything in between.

When I returned back to America after 14 months abroad, I moved to California (from Seattle) and decided to stay put in one place for 6 months so I could focus on building my healthy living business for digital nomads.

Now I’m back to my true love of traveling and taking my business on tour to connect with other digital nomads and help as many as I can live a healthier remote lifestyle!

I’m currently working on compiling a resource kit for digital nomads, as well as a Healthy Cookbook for Travelers. If you’d like to get notified when they launch, then sign up for my email list below!