Best Personal Growth Blogs

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Below are a list of recommended blogs for entrepreneurs and digital nomads to follow for motivation, inspiration, and additional community support in the different areas of your personal growth journey. They are blogs I have been following for a while now and have made a personal difference in my life, so I want to share them in hopes you can get as much value out of them as I have. I’m always looking for new recommendations, so please share your favorite inspirational blogs in the comment section below.

Best Personal Growth Blogs for Digital Nomads & Entrepreneurs

Live Your Legend by Scott Dinsmore

Live Your Legend is hands down my favorite personal growth blog, and has had the greatest impact in leading my life to where I’m at today. It was founded in 2006 by Scott Dinsmore, a genius of a man who wanted nothing more than to change the world by inspiring people to find their purpose and do work they love. I started following Scott and Live Your Legend at the end of 2014, and he played a major role in inspiring me to take a leap of faith and pursue my pull towards travel and entrepreneurship.

In September 2015, Scott was tragically killed in a rockslide while hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro with his wife, Chelsea. She survived, and bravely took over Live Your Legend to keep Scott’s mission alive. Her stories, strength, vulnerability, and outlook on life completely blow me away, week after week. She has not only excelled at keeping Scott’s legacy alive and thriving, but has become a superhero in her own nature. Sign up for their email list to get the weekly blog post delivered to your inbox, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Fulfillment Daily - science backed news for a happier life

Fulfillment Daily is another blog that I can’t get enough of. I only discovered it a few months ago, but it’s addictive. It focuses on the psychology and biology behind personal growth and happiness, including science-based facts and advice on improving productivity, relationships, and inner peace. At the beginning of every article, they present the “Challenge”, the “Science” behind it, and the “Solution” to fixing the the problem. This is another one I always look forward to receiving in my inbox so that I don’t miss any.

Mindful - blog for inner growth and development

Mindful is basically the epitome of “mind over matter,” in blog form. It is a thoughtful catalog of articles on awareness, meditation, and controlling your thoughts and attitude about work, relationships, and most importantly – yourself. It provides practical tips and guidance on shifting your mindset to be more positive, patient, and grateful to achieve ultimate inner peace and happiness.

 Becoming minimalist blog for decluttering your life

Becoming Minimalist provides tips and tricks for simplifying your life by decluttering and getting rid of crap you don’t need – both physically and mentally. Selling or donating all of my belongings and fitting everything I own into two backpacks is the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. There is nothing more liberating than cutting the anchors holding you in place and knowing that you can take off whenever you want to anywhere in the world. It also saves you a ton of time in decision making by giving you fewer options to choose between, is a lot easier to keep organized and tidy, and significantly reduces stress.

Prsuit blog perspective that inspires

Prsuit has a combination of personal development and entrepreneurially-spirited articles to inspire you to grow both as an individual and as a professional. It’s geared towards millennials, especially digital nomads, and they have a pretty badass Instagram feed for inspiration.

Best Life Hacking Blogs

lifehack daily tips for life

Lifehack is the most popular “life hacking” blog in the world, providing tips and tricks to make your day-to-day life easier and more efficient.

Bulletproof coffee blog - the state of high performanceBulletproof is actually a coffee scientifically designed to increase focus and performance. The company blog has a lot of science-based hacks that explains the benefits of their methods, plus includes additional tips and resources on improving productivity, performance, focus, and other personal development aspects.

Marc and Angel Hack Life Blog for more Productive Living

Marc and Angel Hack Life is a personal growth blog that encourages more productive living. It includes a lot of inspirational mantras, quotes, and tips on being a happier, better version of yourself.

Best Blogs for Entrepreneurs

The Art of Non-Conformity with Chris Guillebeau

The Art of Non-Conformity has been rebranded as simply now because it covers all of his amazing work, rather than just his first book (The Art of Non-Conformity). Chris is probably my favorite entrepreneur, writing four life-changing books, starting and hosting the World Domination Summit, and launching Unconventional Guides to help people turn their passions into a career. On his blog, he covers a range of topics that explain the strategies and tips for his entrepreneurial endeavors. Plus there’s the fact that he travelled to all 193 countries in the world before his 35th birthday…can you say badass?

Marie Forleo Inspirational Women Entrepreneurs

Marie Forleo is killing it in the online entrepreneurship world. She interviews the world’s most famous and inspirational people such as Opray Winfrey, Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, and more! She recently interviewed Chris Guillebeau as well (the guy mentioned above). My favorite part about her blog is that she stays 100% true to her own voice, with article titles like “How to be Uber-Successful Without Being an Asshat“. She also started her own online business school called “B-school” that has been very successful, but I haven’t personally taken it so I can’t comment on it’s worth…her blog posts and the interviews she conducts are definitely valuable though!

Chris Ducker blog for entrepreneurship and personal branding

Chris Ducker is another inspirational entrepreneur who uses his personal blog to educate people on starting a profitable business around their own unique skills, talents, and passions – in other words, their personal branding. He specifically focuses on showing you how to become a digital nomad and create a life of freedom.

Foundr Magazine - tips for young entrepeneurs

Foundr Magazine features stories, interviews, and advice for Millennial entrepreneurs. On the website you’ll find highly valuable blog articles, podcasts, resources, and a free issue of the digital magazine that features an interview with Richard Branson. The founder of Foundr (haha) Nathan Chan is a really down-to-earth and inspirational guy. Another great Instagram account to follow.

@Before5AM instagram motivation for entrepreneurs

Before 5AM is actually an Instagram account, not a blog. But the owner of the account essentially writes a blog post in the caption of each post, and it’s really inspirational stuff! Not gonna lie, I don’t wake up before 5AM, like…ever. But it doesn’t affect the impact of his words. This guy is definitely worth a follow, be sure to turn on post notifications so you don’t miss out! blog is a leading blog and digital magazine on everything entrepreneurship and business-related. It’s brimming with practical tips and advice from experts, plus provides a list of upcoming entrepreneurship events, including free webinars you can join.

Best Blogs for Introverts

I am providing a list of resources below for introverts, or extroverts who want to gain a better understanding of introverts. Why is that important? Because we (introverts) make up half of the population, and I guarantee that every single one of you have introverts in your life, whether it’s significant others, kids, siblings, friends, colleagues, or followers.

As entrepreneurs and digital nomads, it’s important to appeal to your introverted audience and clients who may be quietly hiding in the shadows just as much as your extroverted ones who makes their presence known. Introverts may not outwardly express their enthusiasm and desires as much as their extroverted counterparts, but learning to acknowledge, respect, and appeal to the quiet natured people of the world will work wonders in your relationships, career, and impact in the world.

For the introverts like myself, these resources will guide you in using your introversion as a strength and finding your place in the world. Yes, we too can be entrepreneurs, leaders, and game changers who make a BIG impact…quietly 🙂


The Quiet Revolution is the leading research information site on Introversion by best-selling author Susan Cain. She literally wrote the book on the hidden power of introverts in her book, “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking” which you’ll find a link to on the Book Club page. Quiet Revolution expands on the book with blog posts by various introvert authors, researchers, psychologists, etc. It also offers the Quiet Leadership Institute which helps bring introverts into leadership roles in the workplace by unlocking their full potential.

Introvert Dear - blog for introverts and highly sensitive people

Introvert, Dear is easily the most relatable blog about introverts out there. Articles come from a variety of introverted bloggers who share their own stories, tips, and research on how to navigate and make the best of being an introvert.

Introvert Spring blog by Michaela Chung for INFJ personality types

Introvert Spring is geared a lot towards the Myers-Briggs personality type spectrum, but it’s executed in a highly relatable and entertaining way. I have an INFJ personality, which is the rarest personality type in the world, and Introvert Spring is the most comprehensive resource geared towards INFJ’s I’ve found. They also cover other introvert personality types and well as introversion as a general topic though, and Michaela is a humorous writer – definitely worth a read!

The Introvert Entrepreneur blog by Beth BuelowThe Introvert Entrepreneur is actually another recommended book you will find over on the Book Club page, but the blog is a worth a read too. The owner/author Beth Buelow is a successful introverted entrepreneur – and she’s from my hometown, Seattle! Represent! My favorite part of the blog though is her list of introverted influencers who are leaving their mark in the world, so for more resources and introvert-oriented blogs, check out her Introvert Voices page.