Co-Living and Remote Travel Programs for Digital Nomads

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This is a compilation of resources for digital nomads and remote workers, including the best co-working communities, travel programs for digital nomads, best co-living spaces, and valuable articles and resources I come across for digital nomads. The digital nomad community is growing fast, so I will continue to add to it as more programs and resources pop up. If you have any favorite I’m missing, please leave a comment below and I’ll add it in!

Best Co-Working Communities


Outsite Kind of my new obsession. It’s a combination of co-working and co-living with 100% flexibility of how long you stay, work, and play. The “villas” are in prime locations within 5 minutes of the beach, and members get a 50% discount on the nightly rate. They currently have 3 villas in California (Santa Cruz, Lake Tahoe, and San Diego), with a new villa opening soon in Hawaii, and 8 more in the books to be opened across Mexico, Puerto Rico, and more California locations. They put a huge emphasis on community-building, so it’s an incredible networking opportunity (and chance to have a lot of fun!) on top of a space to focus on your work. recently published an article about the future of co-working and co-living spaces, the benefits of joining those types of communities, and more specifically it gives a bit more details on Outsite.

WeWork Probably the most well-known co-working community with locations all over the world. You can get a We Membership to join the community and get access to their digital member network for meeting and collaborating with other digital nomads and entrepreneurs, plus events and discounts on services, and two days/month to use a desk at the co-working spaces. The We Membership costs $45/month, from there you can upgrade your membership to any of the “desk” memberships that grant you full access to the co-working spaces. Prices vary for the desks, but the “hot desk” membership starts at $220/month.

Impact Hub Slightly less of a widespread name because it got it’s start in Austria rather than the US, but also has global locations and is growing quickly. Impact Hub has a focus on creating a collaborative community of entrepreneurs and digital nomads who are committed to make a difference in the world. They offer thought-provoking events, programs, innovation labs, learning spaces, and more! $30/month for virtual community membership, access to working spaces start around $100/month for 5 days/month up to $500/month for full-time access.

NextSpace Currently only has locations across California and with one in Chicago, but worth keeping an eye on for growth. Has a much more “tight-knit” community feel to it than the others. $35/month for online community membership, workspace memberships starting at $250/month.

Travel Programs for Digital Nomads

WeRoam Spend 6 months or 12 months traveling to a new destination every month across South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. They charge a $3,000 downpayment for 6 months or $5,000 downpayment for 12 months, plus $2,000/month and that price includes all travel expenses, accommodation, work space, and events. Basically, they take care of all of the logistics, planning, organizing so that you can just focus on working and enjoying each destination.

RemoteYear 75 people get chosen to go on a one year trip to 12 different cities around the world. Same price and dealio as above, $5,000 downpayment + $2,000/month. Their itinerary mostly travels around Central/South America, with a couple stops in Europe and Morocco.

The Remote Experience 30 people get chosen for 4 months of travel, spending one month in each destination. Can also extend to 8 months or 12 months to continue the travel experience. Total cost of the program comes to $10,000 per 4 month period.

Best Co-Living Spaces

Outsite – See above. Currently in California (Santa Cruz, San Diego, and Lake Tahoe, coming soon to Hawaii, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and more!)

Common -currently in NYC only

WeLive by WeWork  – currently in NYC and DC

Coliving Club – currently in San Francisco only, coming soon to Los Angeles and NYC

Krash – currently in NYC, Boston, and DC

Roam – Currently available in Bali, Miami, or Madrid, with spaces in London and Buenos Aires coming soon (costs $500/week)

Base – Australia’s first co-living space, currently in an experimental “prototyping phase” to test it’s success. Their first location is in the Melbourne CBD, starting at $250/month (AUD).

For additional co-working retreats around the world, check out or this article on 6 Coliving Networks Reinventing Home

Valuable Articles and Guides for Digital Nomads

Remote Life: 5 Authentic Techniques for Success by Outsite blog

Digital Nomad Guide to Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia (PDF eBook) by GoToLaunch Guides

Interesting stats on the growth of freelancers by Freelancers Union & UpWork

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