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There are three ways you can contribute to the Positive Change Co. online community:
  1. Sharing your story, reflections, learnings, tips, resources, etc.
    • In other words, anything relating to your personal journey and what helps you grow
    • This is a good beginning place for inexperienced writers
    • I will proofread, edit, and get your consent before publishing so you can just focus on expressing your ideas without worrying about your spelling, grammar or relevancy
  2. Submitting an article relating to one of the categories under the “Personal Growth” tab
    • This is the best option for those with a bit more writing experience who want to share take their writing to the next level by contributing helpful/valuable articles that relate to one of our key areas of growth
    • You can submit a full article if you already have an idea of what you want to write about, or you can pitch general ideas to me and I’ll give you more specific ideas and guidance on possible articles
    • I will also proofread, edit, and optimize these articles so experience is still not necessary for these contributions, but these are more likely to be used as standalone articles.
    • You can be a first-timer trying your hand at writing to get more involved in the community, a hobby writer who wants to express your creativity without the pressure of running your own blog, or an experienced writer excited to share your expertise with a new audience – regardless of your writing level or experience we’re beyond excited and grateful for your contribution!
  3. Writing a guest post and linking back to your own site/blog
    • This option is for professional writers/bloggers who want to use this as an opportunity to collaborate with a mutually beneficial partnership! We’d love to feature guest bloggers who are in the personal development niche.
    • This includes niches relating to entrepreneurship, productivity, online business, creativity, gratitude, introversion, happiness, goal setting, motivation, kindness, networking, strengths, etc.
By hovering over the “Personal Growth” tab, you will find a list of topics we’re currently looking for articles on, you can use this as a guide to get your creative juices flowing. And again, feel free to pitch any ideas through me before diving in… or just dive right in! Up to you ????

When you’re ready, send your submissions to

Why should you become a contributor?

One of the reasons I love writing so much is because of how much I learn just during the “research” phase for each article. I used to think I had to be an “expert” to write about a topic, but now I realize I can become an expert on any topic by taking on the challenge of writing about it – which involves doing a lot of research from current experts on the subject.
My process involves absorbing as much information as I can on the subject from blogs, books, articles, YouTube videos, podcasts, social media, etc. and then reflecting on all of my learnings and sharing my unique perspective on the subject.
We all learn and process things differently, so simply by sharing your own understanding and views on a subject makes it unique and will likely resonate with someone more than any of the other sources could.
For every single page on this site, article I write, and resource I share – my time and energy spent on it is about 80% research and 20% actually writing it. Which is all a part of my learning and growing process.
I read recently that a series of studies conducted about how emotions shape our thoughts revealed that we can’t learn if we don’t feel something, which is why sharing our stories is so important in the learning process. By having the courage to share our stories, our struggles, and our triumphs with this community, we are able to learn from each other and grow together, emotionally and mentally.

For a list of the rules, please head over to the “How it Works” page before submitting anything.