Finding Remote Jobs

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The digital nomad community is growing exponentially, but it’s still fairly small. Which means a lot of people still don’t understand how living this type of lifestyle is possible.

The two most frequently asked questions I get from non-digital nomads are:

  1. How do you afford to travel full time?

  2. How can I find a remote job?

The short answer to the first question is, I afford to travel full-time by working full-time while traveling.

I run a freelance marketing business and take on projects like setting up awesome WordPress websites (including this blog!), content strategy, creating graphics and branded material for promotions, writing blog posts, social media management, and email campaigns.

I also work on my own side-projects like this website and am currently working on creating my first Healthy Cookbook for Travelers, among other things.

So, that is how I afford to travel full-time. There are a lot of other options for traveling full-time too though, ranging from moving to a different country on a work visa, to teaching English, to freelancing, to getting hired at a company that allows remote work (which is becoming increasingly popular).

Starting your own LEGITIMATE business (none of that Multi-Level Marketing/Pyramid Scheme crap) takes time, patience, dedication, and a LOT of hard work. But it can be done.

In the MEANTIME, while you’re building your dream business as a side-hustle, it’s worth it to have a job you actually semi-enjoy or at the very least gives you the freedom to set your own schedule and work from wherever you want. That’s where remote job boards come in.

Here are some remote job boards you can browse through to check out companies that are hiring remote workers.

(A lot of jobs are tech/marketing, but there’s a lot in customer service too which anyone who has ever worked with people may qualify for.)


I also know some people who teach English online (you can also teach English in person overseas but that usually requires a one year contract), one acquaintance of mine teaches English online using these two companies:


Also, for relocating somewhere abroad, you can check out:


And lastly, here are some work exchange/volunteer type jobs if you’re seeking free accommodation rather than money:

There are tons of other sites, although many are heavily focused on tech/design jobs…but these are the ones I’m familiar with. You can see a more comprehensive list over at

If you know of any other helpful sites or resources for people looking to take the leap into remote work and the digital nomad lifestyle, please share it on my Facebook page!