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I’m Bre. Founder of The Positive Change Co.

 I am a…
  • writer
  • traveler
  • introvert
  • adventurer
  • lifelong learner
  • content strategist
  • storyteller
  • explorer
  • creator
  • reader
 In March 2015, I completed my Master of Communication in Digital Media degree.
From there, I figured I had 3 choices. I could…
  1. Stay at my current job that had no opportunity for growth.
  2. Join a startup with no benefits and crappy pay, but with the possibility of tremendous growth if the company takes off.
  3. Sell my soul to a large corporation and get treated like a no-name bottom feeder all in the name of making someone else rich.

I didn’t like any of those choices. So I quit my job and bought a one way ticket to Thailand.
I started a travel blog called “Breezy in Paradise” – and spent 4 months backpacking through Southeast Asia before moving to Australia for a year while documenting my travels and sharing images along the way on my blog.
Much to my disappointment however, my travel blog didn’t gain much traction…regardless of the tremendous amount of effort I put into it.
When I got to Australia, I started doing contract work with an online entrepreneur to fund my travels; mostly writing content for his various websites, running email campaigns, and researching new business opportunities.
I learned more about running an online business and successful copywriting during those six months than I did throughout my entire six years of college and working in marketing combined.
I also learned why my travel blog was a massive flop, and spent a lot time figuring out how I could learn from my failure to create something successful. I wrote a post that goes into my detail about why I failed as a travel blogger and starting over from square one.
In February 2016, my travel blog, Breezy in Paradise, got destroyed by a hacker, which was a MAJOR sign that I needed to start over with a clean slate and build something new from the ground up.
I put a LOT of time, effort, research, and strategizing into how I could create something meaningful, impactful, and valuable for people like me.
I studied the blogs, books, and influencers who had a positive impact in my life and personal growth, and looked for ways that I could offer the same value but with a unique angle. I realized that all of them featured the founder sharing their expertise, but didn’t allow the community to share theirs.
Studies show that we are the average of the people we spend the most time with. And the people I want to surround myself with are positive-minded, passion-filled, purpose-driven badasses that I (and the whole community) can learn, grow and be held accountable from.
So I built The Positive Change Co. to give us that community, a place where anyone who is committed to personal growth can share their resources, best practices, expertise, motivations, goals, life lessons, aspirations, breakthroughs, connections, reflections and successes!
A huge part of learning and growth comes from writing down our inspirations, goals, and ideas, and then reflecting and building on them. Which is why The Positive Change Co. is also an open writing platform for the community to contribute to.
My story is still being written, just like yours. I don’t have fame and fortune, a network of influencers, a team of masterminds, or a secret to success.
What I do have is the eagerness to learn, the desire to grow, the compassion to listen, the willingness to share, the passion to make a difference, and the determination to never give up.
I am a serious work in progress. But I believe whole-heartedly that we have the power to take control of our lives, create the circumstances around us, choose our own destiny, and make a positive impact in the world.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, then join the community by subscribing to my email list and then head over to the “Contribute” page to learn about the different ways you can get involved!