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Submit any type of contribution to or by using this submission form.

For a list of the types of submissions we’re looking for, refer back to our main Contribute page.

Feel free to use the submission form to send resources and/or links you found valuable and would like to share with the community. For longer submissions (such as articles to contribute to the site) I recommend sending as an attachment.

Below are the rules for article contributions.


  • Article contributions should be between 500-1500 words
  • Don’t stress too much about spelling, grammar, etc. as I will be proofreading and formatting all articles before publishing.
  • Author bio is optional, but encouraged. Vulnerability and courage are major players in personal growth, so you’re encouraged to put yourself out there (and claim the credit), but contributions can also be submitted as “anonymous”.
  • I reserve the right to edit all contributions – this is for consistency and SEO purposes. I will not change your content or story in any way, but I may add in some specific keywords to improve the sites search ranking in Google. Plus correct any spelling/grammar mistakes.
  • NO venting, negativity, or cries for help. I will only publish contributions that motivate, inspire, and/or benefit the rest of the community.
  • NO self-promotion (selling your own product/service). Linking back to a relevant blog post on your own site is acceptable though.
  • Once published, feel free to share across your social media or however you please, we will do the same.
  • Regular contributors may get the opportunity to officially join the team as a featured writer for The Positive Change Co. and publish their own articles once they have a basic understanding of SEO and demonstrate solid writing skills (“training” will be provided to interested candidates).
  • At this moment all contributions and article submissions are purely an opportunity for personal growth through self-expression, vulnerability, reflection, sharing and community building.

Please send all submissions to