The Secret Sauce to Making Positive Change

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We all have the power to change our circumstances, to choose our destiny, to create our own happiness. We just have to decide to make positive change by learning, setting goals, and following through.

Most importantly, we really have to commit to it. That means taking daily action to move towards our goals and cutting the negativity out of our lives.

Sometimes that means making tough choices like ending relationships, quitting bad habits, changing our extracurricular activities, reevaluating our work situations, or even changing our own thoughts when we look in the mirror.
Instead, we need to create healthy, positive habits that focus on the good, being grateful for what we have, harnessing our strengths, acknowledging and celebrating our victories, learning from our mistakes, and always, always moving forward.
Personal growth is a lifelong journey. Perfection does not exist. We can all learn, grow and improve, every single day for the rest of our lives.
But how exactly do we do that?

The 4 P’s to Making Positive Change


Productivity Productivity means taking daily action towards your goals. In order to do that, you obviously need to have goals set in the first place. Goals should be specific, detailed, and organized. Give yourself a deadline, and stick to it. Create a schedule that works for you to ensure you allow yourself the time and privacy to work on your goals and personal growth.

Positivity Positivity is all about your mindset. It means treating yourself with love and respect, and expressing gratitude for all of the good things that are currently in your life, as well as the good things that are on their way to you. Choosing to see the good in all situations, and approaching all tasks with a positive mental attitude and inspired train of thought will set you far ahead.

Purpose Purpose is about discovering who you are and your place in the world. It’s driven by becoming a self-expert, harnessing your strengths, and finding your calling to make an impact in the lives of others. We all have a purpose to be kind and empathetic, but the way those values are executed may look differently to each individual. The more we learn about ourselves and what makes us unique, the more clear our purpose will become.

Passion Passion is an extension of our purpose, but relates more to our professional lives. We all deserve to make a career doing what we love. Figuring out what sets our heart on fire, and finding a way to build a business around that is what people mean when they say “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” That also includes building a strong community of supporters who share your passion and will keep you motivated.

These 4 P’s are guiding principles in my daily life, and they are reflected a lot throughout this website in various ways as well as through my habit-based nutrition program.

Bre Fowler

Hi, I'm Bre - the founder of The Positive Change Co! In early 2015, I left my familiar life in Seattle, WA behind to travel the world and become a digital nomad. Traveling as a LIFESTYLE completely transformed me. It was during my first big trip abroad in SE Asia and Australia that I found my passion for healthy living, addiction for personal growth, and a profound sense of purpose in the world. The Positive Change Co. is about more than just eating healthy and taking care of your body, it's about becoming the best possible version of yourself so that you can offer your best self to others and live a more meaningful life.

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