Mission + Vision


The mission of The Positive Change Co. is to change the way digital nomads travel and live.
This change starts with helping those digital nomads make small adjustments to their daily habits regarding the food they eat and activities they engage in (or lack thereof).
The idea is to take tiny steps in the right direction consistently, every day, until those small changes become habits. By slowly creating and practicing healthier habits on a daily basis, the individuals I work with will start naturally choosing the right foods and activities that make them feel and perform at their best.
By following my structured, habit-based program for making healthy changes, each one of my clients will become incredibly self-aware of what their body needs to be healthy, energized, and motivated.
This mission goes far beyond just improving the way their body looks and feels; because when someone gives their body the TLC that it deserves and craves, it will reward them with more focus, productivity, creativity, alertness, attention, intuition, and positivity – all of which lead to more success and a better quality of life!


Individual habit and nutrition coaching can only go so far in making an impact in the world. To unlock the full potential of The Positive Change Co. mission, I will be producing healthy travel guides for destinations around the world.
These travel guides will provide tips, descriptions, ratings, directions, and resources for making healthier choices by showing where to find healthy restaurant options, farmer’s markets, accommodation with kitchens for cooking, activities and events that involve being active in some way, and alternative options to get around the city or country that will increase your physical activity (i.e. walking or cycling instead of taking a taxi).
These guides will be created with digital nomads and entrepreneurs in mind, and will provide a list of co-living and co-working locations in that city/country as well.