My Story

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Hi, I’m Bre! I started The Positive Change Co. with the intent of helping people become the best possible version of themselves. I wasn’t sure exactly what form that would take at first, but I knew it would revolve around personal growth. Before I get into the birth of TPCC though, let me share a bit of the backstory that lead me here.
Early life. To briefly sum up my personal life – I’m originally from Seattle, WA in the USA, and come from two awesome parents who have been together for nearly 35 years. My mom has worked for Alaska Airlines my entire life, so we got to take a lot of awesome trips around the US and Mexico growing up, which instilled a love for travel in me from a very young age.
During my teen and college years however, I had a lot of self-esteem issues, zero confidence, a negative outlook on life, and lacked any sense of direction or purpose. I went to university straight out of high school, and majored in the most general subject I could – Communications.
My calling. After I completed my bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington, I got a job at a startup as the Social Media and Content Manager. I slowly started to get introduced to the world of content writing and blogging, but I had no idea what I was doing and totally sucked at it. So I started spending my free time reading blogs, books and articles on ways to improve.
I didn’t pick it up quickly enough for it to help that company at all, but my interest was piqued and a spark was ignited. That’s when I decided to go back to school, get my masters degree in digital media, and learn all about this new form of writing.
The program drastically changed my life.
I still wasn’t sure how I’d apply everything I learned about digital media, but I found something I both loved and turned out to be pretty good at.
During my program, I became the Digital Marketing Manager of a chiropractic and massage therapy company, and got to apply everything I was learning to my new role. I wasn’t overly great at it as I was still learning, but I was improving every day.
Regardless of enjoying the work itself, I still felt bored about the subject. So, when I finished my masters degree, I decided to quit my job, buy a one way ticket to Thailand, and start a travel blog.

From there, my whole world flipped upside down.


Trial & Error. I wrote every single day as I backpacked my way through South East Asia, and I felt so alive and excited about the work I was doing. The only problem? I wasn’t getting paid and my savings were disappearing fast. So after 3 1/2 months in SE Asia, I decided to move to Australia.
I started working with an online entrepreneur who paid me to do contract work with him, mostly consisting of writing web content, email campaigns, templates, video scripts, etc. Although I wasn’t making a ton of money, it was enough to fund my travels while working remotely, and it was a huge learning experience.
Although nothing became of my travel blog, it did get me into the habit of writing regularlygive me a platform to experiment with, and most importantly, find my voice as a writer.
thought being a travel blogger was my calling. I know now, it’s not. I’m not afraid to admit that it was a failure.
I’m glad that I took the opportunity to test it out and fail though, so that I could learn from the experience and turn it into something better, with greater impact.

I’ve always wanted to make a difference in the world. And I didn’t feel like I was doing that as a travel blogger.

I whole-heartedly believe that travel plays a role in living a full and happy life, but it’s only one slice of the happiness pie. And by learning and mastering the other slices that make up a full and happy life, you’re able to experience travel in a different, much more fulfilling way.
The Epiphany.People would occasionally reach out to tell me that what I was doing was courageous and inspirational, but it wasn’t until I lost my travel blog that I realized it wasn’t actually the travel and beautiful destinations I was visiting that inspired them. It was the fact that I left my entire life behind to travel the world by myself and figured out a way to work remotely so that I could live a life of adventure, passion, and freedom. In other words, it was my actions that inspired them.
It was choosing to become a digital nomad, choosing courage over fear, choosing my own happiness instead of living up to the expectations of others, and choosing to prioritize adventure instead of “responsibilities”. That was when I realized what a true gift and opportunity I have as a “digital nomad” and I wanted be able to give something back to that community.
Like I said at the beginning, I wasn’t sure what form that would take at first, but I knew I wanted to find a way to help people improve their lives.
Nutrition.For much of my travels, I was living out of hostels, eating whatever was cheapest and easiest to prepare or buy, and gaining weight despite being very physically active on a daily basis. Then I got to Tasmania.

Tasmania is the place dreams are made of for a nature-lover like myself. Everyone else was up in mainland Australia partying on Bondi Beach, meanwhile I pretty much had all of Tasmania to myself. I was only meant to go for one week, but ended up staying six weeks!

The hostel I was staying at had a massive kitchen, and for the first time I wasn’t fighting over space with 50 other backpackers. So I started cooking.

I’ve never been much of a cook, and despite having all the time and space in the world to use the kitchen however I please, I was still in freakin’ Tasmania and preferred to spend my time exploring. So I taught myself how to cook a bunch of healthy, plant-based meals in under 20 minutes so I could get in, get out, and get on my way. This radically changed my health.

I was full of energy, motivation, strength, ideas, stamina, creativity, and positivity. It was the best I’ve ever felt in my life. I was literally, and figuratively, climbing mountains.

In fact, it was there in that very hostel that I planned and built this website!

I maintained that feeling for the next 3 months until I returned home to the United States. My mom was in the hospital, and I spent every day my first month back with her, stress eating whatever was cheap and convenient. My health, body, and mental attitude all plummeted again.

It was after experiencing such a quick, drastic change that the effects nutrition has on every aspect of my quality-of-life became abundantly clear.

I packed my bags again and moved down to California to live near my brother. He introduced me into his world of sports medicine, personal training, and healthy living.

That was when I made the major life decision to hit the books again and earn my certification in habit-based nutrition so that I could dedicate my life to helping others become the best possible version of themselves through making healthier choices on a daily basis. (Oh, and my mom is fine now btw – better than ever in fact!)

I do still take on the occasional freelance marketing project (on a very limited basis), specializing in the health and fitness industry. Majority of my clients are personal trainers and nutrition coaches who need a website set up to attract new clients and build their brand image, as well as the occasional business card design, promo flyer, or blog post. (If this is something you’re interested in, email me directly to see if I have the space to take on any additional projects at this time –

Well, that pretty much brings you up to speed! Click the link to learn more info on the mission and vision for The Positive Change Co. to get an idea of what I’m working on here!