One Month with No Alcohol – My First “Alcohol Challenge” Update

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I have officially made it one month without alcohol! Woohoo! So far it’s pretty much been a breeze. December was a very busy month for my freelancing business since a lot of people wanted new websites done before the new year, so that kept me preoccupied in the weeks leading up to Christmas.
My family and friends are really supportive, so I didn’t feel any pressure to drink when I went home to Seattle for the holiday weekend. Being around other people drinking isn’t a problem for me as long as I’m around people I feel comfortable with, so I just avoided putting myself in any social situations that would trigger anxiety.
I did notice that I was slightly more irritable in social situations though. I think the reason for that was my introversion being overstimulated, which is usually counteracted by alcohol. Without “masking” my naturally introverted nature, I am more sensitive to a lot of talking, noise, and activity going on around me.
On New Year’s Eve I woke up early, went for a run, made a healthy breakfast, got some writing done, and then went to watch the college football semi-finals with a group of Seattleites. Afterwards I was totally spent. I had zero desire to even try to stay up until midnight, so I dropped my brother and his fiancee off at a party, watched a movie, and was passed out by 11pm.
As far as physical changes go…I had lost a few pounds, but then I gained them back over Christmas weekend haha…damn holiday treats. I’ve been getting killer workouts in every day since Christmas though, so I don’t feel so guilty about all of the cookies and chocolate I ate anymore.
Weight itself has never really been a huge concern for me in the first place, it’s always been more the “fluff” and lack of definition that bothers me – which I am already starting to see a very slight improvement in. This was the first time in my adult life I didn’t wake up Christmas and New Year’s mornings with a hangover, and then dip into a post-holiday lull while I recover from the festivities.
I’m beyond pumped to be kicking off the New Year with a ton of momentum, energy, and a clear sense of direction for what I want to accomplish this year. Also a first for me. I always do a lot of reflecting and goal-setting around this time of year, but my mind is usually more focused on the celebrations, and then the year starts out in “recovery mode” rather than “Let’s F’ing Do This!” mode.
I’ve also gotten back into the groove of writing regularly. Ideas are flowing a lot easier and I’m able to draw connections to turn those ideas into something valuable to share (or at least I hope it’s valuable in some way), so I’m already noticing major differences in my productivity and focus as well.
I’m really glad that I decided to start the No Alcohol Challenge a month ago (on a random day with no significant meaning) because now I know I’m doing it purely for myself and my own personal growth, and not because I’m “supposed to” make some sort of resolution for the New Year.
Having said that, I did share my “resolutions” from the last three years in my previous post…so go check it out if you haven’t already. It highlights my major life transformations over the past three years that lead me to where I’m at today.
I was surprised to read that all three years I wrote some variation of living a healthier lifestyle and cutting back on alcohol. (And all three years I failed to do so – ha oops.)
Reading and reflecting on these past resolutions just before New Years Eve – where I would normally be celebrating with copious amounts of champagne – gave me the extra boost of motivation to not feel like I was “missing out” on anything by not having any celebratory drinks.
Reading these also instilled a new level of excitement and pride about my decision and finally acting on something that apparently I’ve been wanting for several years now and somehow kept forgetting (can probably blame the alcohol for that!)
Looking forward to seeing what positive changes 2017 has in store for me! Happy New Year!

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