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As a digital nomad, I know how difficult it is to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle when traveling to unfamiliar places and cultures, especially when you factor in trying to run an online business with exploring, jet lag, meeting new people, and having fun.
It’s so easy to go overboard on all the tasty food, go out for drinks every night with your new friends, and let your health slip through the cracks.
I started The Positive Change Co. to solve that problem. To change the way digital nomads travel, live, work, and play.

Digital nomads have the ability to shape the future and make a real difference in the world.

We are the bold, adventurous creators who live life by our own rules. Through our freedom and exploration, we are able to connect with people all around the globe and spread positive messages.

In order to do our best work and make the most impact in the world though – we need to be healthy, focused, energized, and confident. And all of these things start with our daily lifestyle habits and how we treat our bodies.

What is The Positive Change Co.?

The Positive Change Co. helps digital nomads make healthier choices on a daily basis so that they can live a better, happier, and more productive remote life. And look good while doing it! 😉

What can The Positive Change Co. do for you?

  • Improve your eating and lifestyle habits so you can live a healthier and more productive remote life.
  • Offer tips and guides on staying healthy while traveling.
  • Help you transform your body, mind, and outlook on life. Check out this infographic to learn more about the benefits of committing to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Provide resources and tools for helping current and aspiring digital nomads live a successful and healthy remote life.
  • Build a community of health-conscious digital nomads that can support and encourage each other.

What is a Digital Nomad?

A digital nomad is someone who works remotely and frequently travels or moves from place to place.
To give a few examples, a digital nomad could be:
  • A start-up entrepreneur who frequently travels for business
  • An artist living and working out of co-living communities
  • A freelancer who joins a year-long travel program that provides housing and office space at each new location
  • A remote professional who has clients all around the world and moves to a new city every few months
  • A YouTube creator who travels full-time and shares their experiences with their global audience.
  • A health blogger who runs an online business and spontaneously travels several times a month.
You get the idea.

What is habit change?

I think anyone who has ever made a New Year’s Resolution can relate to the failed attempt at creating a healthier lifestyle. People get fired up to make a drastic life change, and quickly get burnt out, lose patience, and give up when they aren’t seeing quick results or feel too inconvenienced.
Habit change is about taking small steps towards improvement on a consistent, daily basis.
When you let go of the expectation of “perfection” and hitting a goal as fast as humanly possible, you open yourself up to successfully becoming a slightly better version of yourself than you were the day before, every day for the rest of your life.
Imagine what you could be capable of if you grow a little bit each day rather than staying stagnant. As Robin Sharma said,

Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life.

If you’re waiting for the “perfect moment” to make a change in your life – wake the hell up! The perfect moment is NOW, because it’s the ONLY one we’re guaranteed!

WAITING for things to fall into place or for someone else to come through before you can take action is just an excuse. It’s a way to let yourself off the hook and put the responsibility of YOUR circumstances on something or someone else.

Take responsibility for your own life, your own circumstances, and your own wellbeing. So how exactly do you do that?

All you have to do is take ONE small action to start. You don’t have to have it all figured out, just focus on taking on small step towards positive change each day. As YOU start to change and improve, so will the world around you – and YOU will have control over how your life turns out.

Cookbook for Travelers


Coming soon! This cookbook is for travelers who want to learn how to cook quick, easy, and delicious meals in under 20 minutes anywhere in the world. Click the image to learn more.


Hi, I’m Bre! I have a Level 1 Certification through Precision Nutrition and a Master’s Degree in Digital Media from the University of Washington. I decided to combine my two passions to create The Positive Change Co.

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