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“Positive Change” comes from the purposeful learning, growth, and nourishment of your mind, body, and soul.

This is reflected through The Positive Change Co.’s core principles:

Mind – Open yourself up to new ways of thinking, acting, and approaching daily life.
Body – Improve your eating, exercise, and lifestyle habits so you can live a healthier and more energetic life.
Soul – Motivate and empower you to pursue your passions and purpose in the world.

The question that best embodies this way of living is:

If today is your last day alive, how can you spend it positively, meaningfully, and with the greatest impact?

The point of this question isn’t to contemplate death, but to contemplate life.

Do you wake up in the morning with a sense of purpose? Do you feel excited and energized for the day ahead?

The purpose of The Positive Change Co. is to inspire you to become the best possible version of yourself so that you can live as vibrantly, meaningfully, and fulfilled as possible – each and every day.

You have the power to CHANGE yourself and your outcomes. You have the freedom to CHOOSE a more positive, healthy, and abundant lifestyle. When you are at your best – mentally, physically, and spiritually – you become unstoppable. There is no limit to the success, growth, and prosperity you can achieve.

It all starts with your mindset and sense of SELF: self-discovery, self-acceptance, self-compassion, self-love, and self-confidence.

If you don’t love, accept, and be kind to yourself, how can you offer those things to others?

The Positive Change Co. inspires you to become your own hero; because when you see yourself as a hero, you not only feel like you CAN make a difference, but you feel a sense of responsibility and purpose to do so.

Even those of us who already love and accept ourselves have our moments of weakness, self-doubt, and uncertainty. Life is a never-ending uphill climb, and we ALL need a little boost of positivity, inspiration, reassurance, encouragement, and wisdom from time to time.

It’s OK to not always have your shit together. It’s OK not to be ok. It’s OK to fall.

As long as you always pick yourself back up, brush the dirt off, refocus on where you want to go, and start climbing again.


Click here to view the manifesto of positive change. Feel free to share with proper credit, but permission must be granted for print/professional use.


Hi, I’m Bre! A world traveler, writer, and personal growth junkie. It’s been a long journey up to this point, but worth it every step of the way. Learn more about me and the birth of The Positive Change Co.

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