A WOD (Workout of the Day) For Every Occasion – With No Equipment

Getting into an exercise routine is hands down one of the most challenging parts of being a full-time traveler.
After all, how can you get into a routine when you’re constantly moving to new, unfamiliar locations?
That’s where this handy list of WOD routines comes in. There’s one for every occasion.
Of course, anyone can benefit from these workout routines, not just travelers. But they’re geared towards people who work remotely and/or don’t have access to a gym.
Regardless of your circumstance, if you’re in need of a specific workout routine to get your ass in gear, read on my friend.
In this list, I’m going to share tons of options for staying fit no matter where you are in the world, including 11 specific WOD routines that you can follow while traveling and require absolutely no fitness equipment.
Some of the exercises are only suitable for outdoors, and some are best suited for indoors. So regardless of your situation, you’ll have a solid WOD routine handy to get you moving.

Getting Started with your WOD Routine

I’ve been carrying around a little notebook filled with these various workout routines and exercise lists, and one of the first things I do when I arrive somewhere new is map out my fitness options.
So this is what I suggest you do to quickly get into a workout routine when arriving somewhere new…
Wander around the general area of your accommodation and look for parks, beaches, benches, boardwalks, long flights of stairs, hikes, outdoor fitness stations, or open spaces that you can use as your “gym”.
After collecting a mental inventory of your options, go through this list of WOD routines and decide which ones are best suited for the options available to you.
When in doubt, simply kick things off by going for a run on your first or second day, and you may discover new spaces you can utilize for workouts along the way.
Just remember, choose the workout the makes the most sense for YOU and the space available to you. 
No worries if you’re a beginner to the fitness world, there are plenty of options below to ease your way into a solid workout routine.
If you’re not familiar with how to do one of the exercises, just Google it and a million tutorials will pop up. There are hundreds of YouTube videos if you want to see it in action, but for most of them, you’ll probably be able to grasp how to do it just by seeing the pictures under Google images.

The most important part of choosing your WOD is making it one that you’ll ACTUALLY DO.

So test out some of the different exercises, write down the ones that you enjoy (or at least that don’t feel like some sort of Saw torture), and create your own combination of exercises that you’ll be able to stick with.
As your consistency and fitness start to improve, you can try implementing some of the more difficult exercises into your routine.
I mix and match a lot of these routines depending on my mood, the weather, and the space I have to work with, so I suggest you do the same.
Now onto the specific WOD routines…

15-Minute HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) Cardio Routine

If you want to blast your fat into oblivion, improve your overall endurance, and strengthen every muscle in your body…HIIT is the fastest and best way to do that.
It is 50% more efficient than low-intensity exercise and takes only a fraction of the time. And it also speeds up your metabolism so you continue burning calories and fat throughout the day, at a much higher rate, than you would from doing normal cardio.
HIIT are fixed intervals where you alternate between bursts of a high-intensity exercise, followed by a fixed period of low-intensity exercise or rest.
In just a moment, I’m going to list 15 options for high-intensity cardio exercises that you can choose from to get a HIIT workout in while traveling.
You can achieve more progress in 15 minutes of HIIT than you can from 60 minutes of jogging at a steady pace. So save yourself that extra 45 minutes and follow this simple (but intense) 15-minute HIIT routine:

> 3-minute warm up at moderate pace
> 10 minutes of HIIT @ 20 seconds of high intensity, 10 seconds of low-intensity/rest intervals
> 2-minute cool down at slow-moderate pace

Below is a list of no-equipment cardio options for travelers, just pick one (or a combination) and repeat it for 10 minutes of intervals (20 seconds HIIT, 10 seconds rest):

Sprinting (flat, uphill, or in the sand)
Stairs or step-ups
Jump rope (or invisible jump rope)
Jump rope (or invisible jump rope)
Jumping jacks
Bicycle crunches
Mountain climbers
Power skipping
Jumping lunges + punch
Fast feet side shuffle
Butt kicks
Squat jumps or box jumps (using a bench, or ledge, or whatever you can jump up onto safely with both feet)

Let me give you some specific examples of HIIT Cardio WODs Without Equipment:

Basic Outdoors HIIT

20 second sprint, 10 second walk
Repeat 20 times
20 seconds stairs/step ups, 10 seconds rest
Repeat 20 times

Stationary HIIT Combo (good for indoors)

20 seconds butt kicks, 10 seconds rest
20 seconds mountain climbers, 10 seconds rest
20 seconds skaters, 10 seconds rest
20 seconds invisible jump rope, 10 seconds rest
Repeat 5 times

Lower Body HIIT Combo (in an open space like a park or beach)

20 second high knees, 10 second rest
20 seconds squat jumps, 10 seconds rest
20 seconds power skipping, 10 seconds rest
20 seconds jumping lunges + punch, 10 seconds rest
20 seconds fast feet shuffle, 10 seconds rest
Repeat 4 times

Upper Body HIIT Combo 

20 seconds jumping jacks, 10 seconds rest
20 seconds burpees, 10 seconds rest
20 seconds mountain climbers, 10 seconds rest
20 seconds bicycle crunches, 10 seconds rest

Full Body Toning WOD Without Equipment

Below are 3 variations of a strength and muscle conditioning workout with no equipment. These exercises work a little bit of everything and are a great workout for beaches, parks, or fields.

Each of these workouts should take about 20 minutes to complete. Choose the level that suits your current fitness level and work your way up.

Regardless of the level, do 3 sets with 2 minutes of rest between each set.

Easy WOD

15 pushups
15 squats
25 sit ups
15 lunges on each side
30 jumping jacks

Moderate WOD

15 crawl outs
15 deep seated squats
40 bicycle crunches
15 cross lunges (curtsy) each side
20 mountain climbers each side

Hard WOD

15 burpees
15 jump squats
50 Russian twists
15 scissor jumps each side (jumping lunges)
20 Commando planks (elbow plank to pushup position and back to elbow)

Park Bench WOD

Park benches are my best friend while traveling. This is my favorite WOD routine to do.

Fortunately, park benches can pretty much be found anywhere in the world. You just have to find the perfect one 😉

Preferably one in a not-super-populated area…so you’re not stepping up where other people are trying to sit down and knocking people out with your donkey kicks.

Do 3 sets, with 2 minutes of rest in between each set.


15 incline pushups
20 reverse crunches
10 shrimp squats each side (grab one of your feet with your hand like you’re doing a quad stretch, outreach your other arm and dip down until your extended hand touches the back of the bench)
15 tricep dips
10 donkey kickbacks each side (using the bench for support, and bringing your knee to chest between each kickback)
15 side leg raises each side (using bench for support)
10 step up knee raises each side

On-the-Floor Core Blaster WOD

This low-intensity routine is perfect for those times when you’re really lacking motivation to workout…or when the weather is crappy and space is limited.

It only requires enough room to lay flat on the floor, preferably with some sort of padding. Most people, myself included, don’t travel with a yoga mat, so you have to get a little creative with towels or blankets, and sometimes pillows.

The first step is just getting yourself set up on the floor, which shouldn’t be too hard. Then start with the core exercises you find easiest, which should help get the flow going.

Just run through the entire set once, and then commit to getting in a full workout the next day.

50 bicycle crunches
60-second plank
50 Russian twists
30 bird dogs
40 mountain climbers
30-second side plank each side
50 heel touches
50 flutter kicks
30-second superman hold

This is also a good finishing routine after going on a jog or bike ride.

Stationary Butt Blaster WOD (repeat 2-3 times)

This is another low-intensity routine that can be done indoors. Of course, it can also be done outdoors, but part of the routine involves laying on the ground, so be sure to bring a towel to lay on.


60 seconds of squats (20 seconds regular, 20 seconds wide-leg, 20-second hold)
20 lunge twists
20 cross lunges (curtsy)
20 calf raises
25 bridges
25 fire hydrants
25 donkey kicks (from all fours)
If you dream of having a J.Lo booty, do this routine along with some form of stairs, step ups, or hiking every day and you’ll be well on your way!

Putting your WOD into Action

All you have to do now is decide which WOD routine is right for you.

No matter where your travels take you, there is a WOD for every place and every occasion. Even if that “occasion” just happens to be laziness.

Like I said at the beginning, whenever you arrive some new, spend your first day scoping the territory, deciding which WOD is most suitable for that place, write it down (either on a piece of paper or in your phone) and add it to your daily morning routine.

It’s definitely ok to mix things up, but I generally find it much easier to get into a “flow” if I stick with the same routine. Because remember…the best choice (especially for a traveler) will ALWAYS be to choose whichever workout you’ll ACTUALLY DO.


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